Active Education Tours in Timor Leste

With over 10 years’ experience, Dive, Trek & Camp East Timor is the country’s leading educational tour specialists, providing tailor-made tours for schools to exciting Timor Leste/East Timor. Dive, Trek and Camp will work with you to develop a unique itinerary designed specifically to meet your educational requirements.

You can be confident that someone who has extensive first-hand knowledge of the regions you will be visiting has created your personalised tour. Our dedicated team can offer you invaluable advice on how to get the most out of your visit to Timor Leste.

Challenge, Discover, Achieve are the words that describe the guiding principles behind all that we do here at Dive Trek & Camp. As specialists in organising international sport and educational tours for schools in Australia, Singapore & Indonesia our goal is to provide students with an unforgettable overseas life experience that is safe, well-coordinated and beneficial for their personal growth.

By challenging students to discover their strengths, our desire is to see them achieve greater self-awareness and confidence.

We believe that Students can only really understand life by experiencing it in many exciting and challenging ways. By testing themselves students will be able to develop their courage, generosity, imagination, principles and resolution.

History & Classics Tours

Take your history lessons to another level and bring classroom studies to life with one of our inspiring history tours. Learn about the crocodile legend, and how 450 years of continuous foreign occupation from the Portuguese, Japanese and Indonesian ended in Timor Leste becoming South East Asia’s newest Nation. A history trip will enable students to engage with the past and encourage mutual understanding of the historic origins of our ethnic and cultural diversity and through learning something of Timor Leste’s turbulent past feel a part of its exciting future.


On this program, students will spend an estimated 35-40 hours on community service projects. At the end of the program, students will receive a certificate stating the number of service hours completed. – Small groups work with local residents on a variety of community-initiated projects. Tutor school children in English, environmental management and hygiene and health principles at the local school, which provides education for disadvantaged locals of diverse ethnic backgrounds. Participate in painting, gardening, tree planting and construction projects at a primary school, orphanage or disability centres and engage the students in fun learning activities during an after-school programs. Students also have the opportunity to fund raise and collect donations before arriving in country for programs and projects that are ongoing in our partner communities such as Days for Girls and Playground Ideas .


Dive, Trek and Camp believe that truly educational travel experiences involve hands-on interaction with the real culture of Timor Leste – culture meaning the daily activities, customs and way of life of a people, not just the historic attractions and scenic sites. Therefore, we are proud to offer a vast range of unique immersion experiences to compliment your tour, allowing your students to discover the true essence of Timor Leste and the heart of its people.


Dive Trek & Camp can also create specialised tailor-made tours for the following subjects:
• Art & Art History
• Geography & Sustainability
• Eco Tourism
• Religious Education
and more…!

At Dive Trek & Camp we believe that:

“Travel is more than seeing sights: it is a change that goes on deep and permanent in the ideas of the living”

Our vision is to take students on an adventure of discovery. Our tours allow students time to connect with Timor Leste’s natural beauty and amazing people. And through learning something of Timor Leste’s turbulent past feel a part of its exciting future.

Dive Trek & Camp is committed to responsible tourism. Responsible tourism aims to minimize the impact on the environment and culture while helping to generate income and employment for local people.

For Australian Schools we are also able to offer you the benefits of a fully qualified high school educator as a guide and chaperone that can travel with your group from the point of origin in Australia.

Discuss your next overseas student trip with us and consider Timor Leste a new destination your school can now offer to your parents and students.

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